A lot of people have decided to become “graphic designers” without the proper training needed to actually succeed. Because of this, companies and their SEO rankings are suffering.

Some web designers build beautiful websites but aren’t functional, and then there are others who find it necessary to use every graphic design tool available – making a website pretty but unusable.

Even though a start-up business may think that they cannot hire a well-known designer, actually there is no correlation between good web design and dollars. It is very much possible to spend lots of money and then not be satisfied with the finished product. Companies should take a look at a designer’s past work or portfolio before committing to their services.

In the Search Engine Optimization and web design world, ugly does not sell! According to Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: 3rd edition, ugly can be the following:

* Color combinations that do not work for a website
* Cutesy backgrounds that look – cutesy, not professional
* Unorganized page layouts that look very amateur
* Awful typeface choices that make the pages close to unreadable
* Combinations of fonts and colors that make the text close to unreadable – such as white text on black backgrounds
* Clunky, unprofessional images and photos

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