In a study done in 2010, 97 percent of consumers use online sources to research a product or small business in their local area. So is your website attracting business to you? Is your website outdated and giving the impression that your business is outdated? Is your website laid out in a way that makes it difficult for visitors to maneuver or find the info they want; and does that give the visitor the idea that you and your business will be difficult to deal with? Your website may be turning visitors away from using your buinsess if it’s not designed in a fashion that’s appealing to visitors.

If your website isn’t attracting business to you, then take a look at this “3 Ways Your Website Design Is Directly Impacting Your Business” article from the Huffington Post. If you think any of the 3 conditions apply to your website then it’s time to re-design your website. If you’d like a free quote for SEO website design that will get your website found by search engines and attract more business then click here: